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Including Terms and Conditions of Hire

It is the responsibility of the person who is hiring the inflatable unit/s (Hirer) to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to children or damage to the inflatable. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed:

1. Each inflatable unit has a user age limit and a recommended maximum number of children that can be on or around the unit at one time. These limits are listed below, and must be adhered to by the Hirer. Try to avoid large and small children from the using the units at the same time.

Hired Inflatable name Max age of users Max number of users at any one time

Dry slides and bouncy castles

Screamer Slide 14 years 8 children
Bounce House 14 years 15 children
Circus Combo 14 years 10 children
Arched Bouncer 14 years 10 children
Supa Slide 14 years 4 children
Mini Clown Combo 4 years 5 children
Mini Space Castle 3 years 5 children
Mini Clown Castle 3 years 5 children

Water slides

Super Sonic Water Slide 14 years 8 children
Supa Water Slide 14 years 15 children
Aqua Slide 8 years 10 children
Zoom Slide Any age 2 children

2. No food, drinks or chewing gum to be allowed on or near the inflatable units. This is to avoid the risk of children choking and to avoid dirtying the inflatable units. (Please note that if the inflatable unit is collected in a dirty condition then the Hirer may incur a cleaning charge)

3. All shoes, glasses, jewellery and badges must be removed before using the inflatable unit.

4. No pets, toys or sharp instruments to be allowed on or near the inflatable unit.

5. No face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the inflatable unit.

6. No smoking or barbeques near the inflatable unit.

7. Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls is dangerous and must not be allowed.

8. A responsible adult must supervise the inflatable unit at all times.

9. Ensure that no-one with a history of back or neck problems is allowed on the inflatable unit along with any child who is feeling unwell.

10. Please ensure that children are not attempting somersaults and are clothed appropriately and that nothing can fall out of their pockets.

11. Ensure that an area of 2 metres around the inflatable unit is completely clear.

12. The inflatable unit should not be used if it becomes wet on the jumping area. In the event of rain, the unit may be left running and when the rain stops, any wetness can be dried with a towel.

13. In the event that the blower stops working, please ensure all users get off the inflatable unit immediately. Check the plug has not been pulled from its power socket, and reset the RCD if required. If no obvious faults in the power supply can be found, please call us.

Additional Safety Instructions for Water Slides:

14. Some waterslides have a shallow pool of water at the end. Even a shallow pool can be sufficient to drown a toddler. Ensure that an adult is always supervising and keep a close watch on toddlers.

15. A maximum of two children can slide at one time.

16. No child is to slide until the slide is clear. A child can generate a lot of speed on a water slide and injuries will occur if a moving child strikes a stationary child.

17. No attempting to walk or run on the waterslide. The wet PVC is very slippery and attempting to walk or run on it can result in unexpected heavy falls causing injury.